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    • Titanic Slot Review: Symbols, Bonuses, Features, Jackpot and RTP

    • Titanic Slot Review: Symbols, Bonuses, Features, Jackpot and RTP

      The Titanic slot is not themed after the tragic event of April 15, 1912, with the sinking of the RMS Titanic after it hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic ocean. Instead, the interesting Pokie was themed around the epic romantic movie featuring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. Packed with many features, the slot of 5 reels on three rows with fixed 25 paylines, is a captivating one with a good amount of wins. The mystery features of the game also make it very well sought after. Considering that there are many features, it is almost impossible to have an experience of all the elements in one game. This is another reason why players keep coming back to it.

      As it is themed after the epic movie, the Titanic slot is well set with a machine that is captivating and well designed. With its size and beautiful scenes on display, it is a hard one to miss.

  • Video Overview
  • Additional info

    Released 2014

    Software Bally

    Rolls 5

    Paylines 25

    Minimum Bet 0.01 per line

    Maximum Bet 0.05 per line

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    How to play?

    For starting the game, players get to select and purchase tickets that determine the features that will be made available to them. The classes of these tickets are:

    How to play
    • 1st class: Tickets of first-class at a course of about five coins makes available all the bonuses of the game. Players with them also get the chance to win either the top jackpot or the mini or maxi jackpots.
    • 2nd class: The tickets of this class also afford the players all the bonus features for about two coins at most. On the purchase of a second class ticket, players get the chance to win either the mini jackpot or the maxi jackpot.
    • 3rd class: Players with the 3rd class tickets can get any bonus feature save for the Mystery jackpots. The maxi or mini jackpot is also available for players who get the chance to win either of them. These tickets are available for as much as 0.60 coins.

    These tickets are represented by the three large ships. On purchasing any of the tickets, the game is set into a base mode or standard mode. During this, players get to enjoy a wide array of random features that showcase some valuable scenes of the movie.

    Should a turn end and none of the spectacular features have popped up, the mystery feature drawn by the scatters like Jack comes up quickly. This happens randomly and only when the game is in the standard model. Players can get about 4x to as much as 80x their bet with this feature.


    Specially designed with cool graphics, this slot significantly attracts gamblers who love features and themes. It is a game of 5 reels, three rows and 25 paylines that are fixed. Symbols of the game are set around the characters of the movie itself. They include:

    • The Titanic Logo can replace any other symbols, except the scatter.
    • Jack and Rose, which are the two scatter symbols of the game which activate the few spins of the game.
    • Two of the movie’s characters
    • A pocket watch
    • Glove pairs
    • A suitcase
    • A pile of luggage
    • A car
    • A cargo stack
    • Ships that can be said to be the hearts of the slot.

    Features of the game include

    • Make it count: It offers ten free spins together with wilds. There is also a chance to get extra locked spins for free.
    • Pick up: This round keeps the players stuck to the game with increasing multipliers.
    • Heart of the ocean: This round gives at least 6 to 30 free spins. Players also enjoy about 5x multipliers.
    • The safe: These bonus rounds allows players to pick a reward from caring cash rewards.
    • The mystery feature: When this bonus round is hit, it sets off the music, very similar to an Irish jig. Not only does it play exciting music, but it also allows the players to gain a random bonus round for more wins. You can get yourself double wilds function or the wild mystery reels.

    The mystery double wilds are triggered during the base game with the spinning drums. You can get about 2-5 icons (double wild) on 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th drums. With the rotating drums, players keep getting double wilds till the end of the turn or the stopping of the drums.

    The same applies to the mystery wild reels that are triggered by the spinning of the drums in single games. Players get wild reels in two drums at random and record huge wins.

    • U-Spin: Players can also enjoy this bonus round on the collection of 3 of the Titanic liners. With this, players get credits and also gain access to other bonus features of the game like the safe bonus. This also gives rise to incredible wins.

    Free spins and slot jackpot

    Titanic free spins are activated when any one of the three-ship symbols land at any position on the 1st, 3rd, or 5th reel.

    The mystery jackpot feature, which is entirely irresistible, comes up for players during the game at random. However, there aren’t any particular activators for it, but once it is hit, players are given a choice of any of the three pictures put up. These three pictures carry rewards that might not be very large but may contain the mini jackpot. That is another very appetizing win and is worth a lot.

    With the mystery jackpot, players can win very big amounts of cash as the game offers a progressive jackpot. This means that the wins keep increasing for players through the bonuses that come in different ways.

    There is also a wild bonus that is stacked. With this, players can get 1 to as much as four complete reels with many stacked wilds, which open up to huge wins.


    The Titanic slot machine is available for play in many land-based casinos all over the world. Players can also play the Titanic slot online via the Titanic mobile app. However, playing for real money is an option not open to players in some countries.

    Return to player

    Playing the Titanic slot machine, players get an RTP of 95.95% while the house has an edge of 4.05%. Comparing this to most other slots, the RTP is high and affords players the chance to earn huge wins.

    About the developer

    About the developer

    Bally Technologies, since 1932 has been known for the development of gaming techs like Pokies, solutions for systems, and more. As an infamous player in the game, they are known to bring to the works of gaming, one of the biggest gaming suites which are licensed today in the whole world. Their pokies are very much available on casinos online as well as land-based. They are also responsible for the production of many other products, including system solutions and table games.

    Bally Technologies brings to the memory of the epic Titanic movie to life with the development and launching of the titanic slot. Bally brings to the hearts of the lovers of features in pokies.

    Asides from the titanic game, Bally has also produced games like Wonder Woman, Duck Dynasty, Betty Boop, Friends (the TV show), and dragon spin among many pokies.

    FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

    Must I play with the first-class tickets to enjoy the game?

    Whichever class of ticket is purchased, players still get to enjoy the mode of play. Besides the difference in features available, the level of fun with all ticket levels is nearly the same, and big wins are made on all levels, too.

    Are there limits to the bonus features I can get?

    The Titanic Pokie is designed with many bonus features that come randomly for players. During gameplay, there are no limits to the number of bonuses for a player.

    Can I bet and play for real cash?

    The game is available for free and fun play. You can also play for cash in a reliable and trusted casino, especially those recognized by Bally. You will need to play with your currency for ease of payment. This is also advised so you can easily enjoy your gameplay and have your wins paid without hassle.

    Can I play without getting any feature triggered?

    It is not possible to play the Titanic slot and win nothing. Owing to the many features that are randomly triggered and the jack drawing feature that can be made available should no feature come up, a win is certain.

    Is the game only available for play on land-based casinos?

    It is available on land-based casinos and online as well. However, playing for real cash is possible on land-based casinos than online, as the latter has not been made possible for many countries yet.

    Isn’t there a fixed jackpot?

    The game has bonus features and jackpots that are triggered randomly. There is no fixed jackpot to be won during a turn.

    Final thoughts

    To some, it isn’t so great because of the class category, but following the story of the movie, it was themed after, that is pretty much understandable. Rather than dwell on the romantic or Irish-like sounds or class system of play, most players focus on the excitement of the random feature that would be triggered.

    Nonetheless, the seemingly endless stream of features that open up huge wins in the game makes the Titanic game very much patronized and intriguing. Bally’s Titanic also remains one of many, which pays out greatly.

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