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    • Fu Dao Le Slot Review: Features, Bonuses, Symbols, and RTP

    • Fu Dao Le Slot Review: Features, Bonuses, Symbols, and RTP

      If you’ve ever come across the slot game 88 Fortunes, then the first glance at Fu Dao Le may ring a bell, given that both games are from the same developer, and that some elements of their themes are similar. Fu Dao Le is a pretty popular game in Chinese slots, and the name Fu Dao Le means “Fortune has arrived,” which is pretty much what every slot gamer aims for — good luck. However, it’s not as easy as plucking petals of flowers.

      Merely looking at the game, one can see that the theme is clustered with various Chinese symbols. Some happy kids will smile at you and set off a firecracker when you get a win. All this, coupled with the engaging Chinese soundtrack, makes the overall gameplay experience more intensifying. However, by no means, it is what you need to be successful in this slot. Fu Dao Le falls in the category of penny slot machines, given that it provides possibilities for players on a tight budget to get potential winnings with little wagers.

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    Released 2010

    Software Bally

    Rolls 5

    Paylines 243

    Minimum Bet 0.38 per line

    Maximum Bet 35 per line

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    How to Play Fu Dao Le Slot?

    Gameplay-wise, Fu Dao Le offers five reels and follows the trend of the new 243-way mechanism as opposed to paylines; while both are practically the same, paylines are becoming a chestnut. The new mechanism gives a bigger chance of cashing out, given that you are not restricted to number-limited paylines. The maximum bet is $88, while the minimum is $0.18 per spin. Note that this may differ when playing on an actual slot and an online video slot.

    To try the game, you have to set a budget and stick to it. Don’t say, “Hey, it’s only some pennies.” That’s what penny slot games want you to believe. You should check the paytable to see the payout each symbol offers. Set your bet afterward and spin. You can also adjust it to auto-spin the reels by enabling the autoplay feature.

    Features of Fu Dao Le Slot

    Features of Fu Dao Le Slot

    Fu Dao Le boasts an array of Asian-inspired symbols, specifically ten. From the wonus, envelope, to the clumped wild, players familiar with a bit of Chinese should blend quite easily with the gameplay. Even the minimum and maximum bets, being $0.18 and $88 respectively, were set by the developers keeping in mind that “8” is a symbol of Fortune in China.

    You have to align three to five of the same symbols from the left to the right to get a payout and, depending on one of the 243 winning combinations, it falls on.

    RTP of Fu Dao Le Slot

    The RTP in Fu Dao Le is 96%. While this blows nothing out of the water, it’s a reasonable one. However, there are slot games with better RTP (Return To Player) of 98%. Besides, the developers claim that the RTP has been calculated and tested by licensed authorities before implementing it. Considering this, there is no possibility that the developers manipulated the RTP. So, it is exactly as stated.

    That means you can expect to win $9.60 back for every $10 you bet.

    Special Symbols

    The special symbols in Fu Dao Le are quite exhilarating and can open the way for some bonus features and jackpots.

    Mystery Stacked Symbols

    They show up on every spin, and by the end of the spin, they are revealed on the screen. This means you get a payout if the shown image coincides with two or more symbols on the reels.


    The Wild symbol can substitute for all symbols in the game except Envelope 1, clumped wide, and Envelope 2. To understand better, if you land two 9 symbols on reel 1 and 2, the Wild can supplement them to make a payout if it’s on reel 3.


    While playing the Fu Dao Le game, if you land the Envelope 1 and Envelope 2 on reel-1 and reel-5 respectively, the red envelope jackpot will be awarded.

    Fu Dao Le Free Spins and Jackpots

    When you land a full package of wilds on a single reel, a jackpot feature is immediately activated. When this happens, you are presented with 15 coins grid from which you must match three coins of the same type to win the jackpot.

    • Mini — 3 of them award you with the least progressive jackpot available.
    • Minor — You need a trio of ‘minor’ coins to win this jackpot.
    • Major — 3 of them ensure the “major” progressive jackpot.
    • Maxi — Matching 3 gives you a thousand payouts.

    To get 8 free spins, you need to land three “Wonus” symbols anywhere on the reel from left to right. Therefore, you’re rewarded 2x your total bet along with the eight free spins.

    Is Fu Dao Le Available on Mobile?

    Is Fu Dao Le Available on Mobile

    Unlike 88 Fortunes, which has a mobile app that can be downloaded from both Apple Store and Google’s Play Store, there is no Fu Dao Le Mobile App, and there’s no news on whether one is in development. However, you can play it online at various online casinos from the comfort of your mobile device. Simply go to your preferred online casino and search for the Fu Dao Le slot. Keep in mind that not every gambling institution offers free spins that you can turn to real cash when playing Fu Dao Le on their platform.


    As earlier explained, you get eight free spins when you land three “Wonus” symbols on the reels. During these bonus spins, extra wild symbols such as “Wild2x” and “Wild3x” will appear on the reels, hence maximizing your potential payouts. As a matter of interest, you need to keep your eye on more wonus symbols on the reels. Getting more will give you extra free spins in addition to the initial eight.

    A Brief Info About the Developers

    Fu Dao Le is the work of renowned American developers, Bally Technologies. They are the winners of the honorable mention for best slots innovation during the Asian Gaming’s 2014 Supplier Award. They are widely known for their remarkable slots games, both online and offline. The enterprise is owned by Scientific Games Corporation — the parent company, which developed the game nominated for the best 2018 casino games — 88 Fortunes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Play Fu Dao Le From a PC or Laptop?

    Certainly, Fu Dao Le is not restricted to mobile phones. Since it’s available offline and online, and not as a mobile app, you can simply log on to your favorite casino and play it there. You will even get to enjoy more screen resolution.

    Can I Go Beyond the Maximum Bet?

    No, you can’t bet more than $88 per spin. Simply play at max bet; that goes for subsequent spins, too.

    How Do I Check the Paytable?

    If you’re playing at an offline casino slot, the paytable is already made visible at the top left corner. If otherwise, it is an online casino, you can access the paytable by clicking the icon that looks like one used by music apps on the left side of the screen. Having clicked it, you will see the payout each symbol gives.

    Can I See the Paylines?

    It is customary for a slot game to have the paylines drawn out. But sadly, Bally Technologies didn’t find it necessary with the 243-way mechanism. For this reason, you can’t view the payline.

    How Many Symbols Are in Fu Dao Le Slot?

    The Fu Dao Le slot game has a total of 10 symbols, excluding the special symbols.

    How Much Can I Expect to Win?

    Regardless that Fu Dao Le’s return to player rate 96%, there’s no special Fu Dao Le tips regarding how much you can expect to win. The chances of any of the symbols appearing on the reels are equally the same, so it’s all dependent on luck. There is no better player than anyone.

    Final Thoughts

    With an impressive Chinese-based them and an intriguing soundtrack, Fu Dao Le is a game worth giving a try. While the Return to Player (RTP) is something unusual, the 243 ways mechanism it offers for potential winnings supplements for the areas in which it is lacking. You are provided with plenty of ways to succeed. Although Fu Dao Le is not particularly popular in offline Australian casinos, however, it is beginning to gain grounds due to its excellent gameplay experience and, most importantly, its flexibility when it comes to payment. Hence it’s also being featured on some online Australian Casinos.

    You can have fun and also earn some money while at it. However, always remember to stick to a budget. It’s virtually impossible not to be tempted to go beyond your pre-set budget if you consider the game’s relatively low minimum stake per bet. Staking $0.18 might seem slow, but by the time you’re done making numerous spins, you will realize how quickly your chances will have skyrocketed.

    Overall, Fu Dao Le is great, and you can find yourself coming back after a first try.

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